Reprinted here are just a few of the great reviews Lisa has received on her albums.


Review by Larry Norman

Lisa Weyerhaeuser is not a teenager, but she is full of life. I´ve known this girl for many years, and she is totally honest. In fact, her music, like her lacks artifice and guile. So this music is as pure in motive as you will hear in in today´s Christian music scene. I don´t really know how to review this album. It is so simple and trusting by not clothing itself in defensive hip-ness and ambition that I feel like the album is actually reviewing me. What kind of person am I?

And I believe when you listen to this music, it will make subject your inner heart to the raw truths that it confesses to. Will you be offended by Lisa Weyerhaeuser´s optimism? Will you find yourself regretting some of the things in you that have changed so much since your initial conversion? Or will you simply disregard this CD and move on to your next life-changing tattoo and exotic piercing? ´Into your World´ is exactly what I am talking about. This song has the kind of storyline that makes a girl stop, motionless, and investigate her heart. ´Your Love is Greater´ is joyful without morphing into praise music. ´Somedays´ is a charming song, lyrically, and is seeringly, openhandedly forthright. ´The Compass´ makes me wish for a childhood I never had.

I think Lisa´s contribution is that she is a real woman and a real Christian. She´s not a rock ´ roll girl with a coarse indifference. She has an open heart that hasn´t been locked shut by her familiarity with the ´ccm´ scene. In fact, she has been a servant of other artists. She has run coffeehouses and helped friends make contact with concert promoters until she could be mistaken for a booking agent. She loves her children, serves at her church and is kind and patient with the different kinds of people who enter her world.

And that´s what I think of Lisa´s music and her newest CD. It has not bought in to the pop culture ´edge´. It lacks any connection to music that might be called ´commercial´. Lisa released an album years ago that was far too ahead of it´s time, and there is nothing as unforgiving as being ahead of your time. ´Life on Earth´ has the same problem – not because it is musically out of place but because Lisa´s music simply declares the things that are good and pure and true, a place where I wish all contemporary Christian music would reside.


Review by Brian A. Smith

Lisa Weyerhauser is an accomplished counselor with multiple master degrees, and is known as a worship leader. Yet, she says that people have been coming up to her for years asking if she is ‘La-La Lisa’ from their youth camp days. After four pop/folk recordings, she decided to create the characters of the Big Green Alligator and Silly Bob the Monkey, and a children’s project was born.

La-La Lisa is at times like Laurie Berkner, and like most children’s albums, _Big Green Alligator_ will make you smile at several moments. Aimed at the pre-K crowd, it deals with sibling relationships (‘My Little Brother’), children’s stories and toys (‘Big Green Alligator’, ‘Silly Bob’), asks the questions kids ask: ‘Where did we come from/where are we going/and how did you find your way to me?’

Your kids will enjoy this disc. And like most children’s music, after repeated listens, the songs will be indelibly etched into your brain no matter how much you try to ignore them. In this case, it’s good that the lyrics are something good for your kids. And if we older folk learn something along the way, so much the better.


Review by Jack Kronser, Event Coordinator and Lifetime Fan

Faith Journey captures a style and identity that reflects Lisa’s relationship with God. This CD shows Lisa developing her craft.

It is timeless, universal yet deeply personal. It is all of that and more. Her struggles and honesty are stories that to which we can all relate. It is a project about surrender. Her simple yet elegant words helped me connect with God.

Her message has been His message to me.

Listen and you will find a part of yourself.


Lisa Weyerhaeuser: The singer and songwriter impacted by Larry Norman

Published on March 2014

How a student interview with Larry Norman led LISA WEYERHAEUSER into music ministry. Tony Cummings reports.

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